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Come as you are.

The #1 thing I hear from men I talk to is that they feel as if they don't belong anywhere. Their churches disown them after they come out, and oftentimes they find they aren't welcome in the gay community, either.


The first Shame-Free Retreat for GBT+ men is just around the corner, and it's designed just for YOU. You are welcome here, and you belong here. 

Join us for this transformational experience with other queer men with partnered yoga, breath work, campfires, along with the option to join us afterward in LA for some fun experiences as well. 

Curious to learn more? Click on the link below and schedule a quick 15-minute call with Eric today!

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At the age of 25, I looked pretty happy. I had a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, a full time job as a high school Spanish and Theatre teacher, owned a house in the suburbs of Chicago, and was engaged to a woman I was with for five years. To someone looking in from the outside, I really did look happy, only much of it was a facade. 


At this point, I met someone who made me question my whole belief system, and during that struggle, I realized I was living a double life. I realized I had preconceived ideas that being gay was shameful, but in that moment, I realized what was actually wrong was living an inauthentic life. Within 24 hours of meeting this man, I ended the relationship with my fiancée and came out of the closet. 

Coming out was the first of many life changes that came to me, much like the ripples in a pond from a pebble. The courage from coming out nudged me to pursue my dream of being an actor, and it sat next to me in my car as I drove to Los Angeles to continue that dream. 

Fast forward to today - I've built a life for myself with my dog Cadence, about twenty houseplants, and my own LA chosen family. I am able to pursue my dreams while helping others pursue theirs. Being a Life Coach fulfills and heals me in a way I haven't felt since I was a teacher. Only now, I get to do it from a place of pure joy and authenticity. 

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"Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change."

Brené Brown

Your Shame-Free Gay Life

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The Shame-Free Gay Life program consists of 5 transformational shifts that strengthen the 3 pillars of connection. In the program, we note the beliefs holding us back, question and challenge those beliefs, and organically swap them out for more empowering beliefs that feel right for YOU, not the society or Church that's taught you that you are bad. From there, we build a community. A community is a place where you feel seen, safe, and celebrated, not in spite of who you are, but because of it. And finally, we celebrate you every step of the way! Celebration is the gateway to confidence. With the help of our community, I give you tools to celebrate yourself every day, so that you can take that new confidence out into the world and be one, whole person in every room you walk into. 

In going through these shifts, you will have a better relationship with yourself, your new community, and your higher power. The Shame-Free Gay Life program has an impact-based guarantee. This means if you commit to doing the work, then I will work with you until you have the shame-free life that you want!

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Posted with client permission.

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